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You can be confident that you and your team will be prepared for any situation with the easy-to-use ability to chat, call, send attachments, manage schedules, take notes, conduct meetings, and more—all within one application.

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More than 10,000 Businesses Trust Our VoIP Platform to Manage Their Most Critical Cloud Communication Applications. We Sincerely Hope You’ll Join Them

Basic, unreliable, and low-fidelity telephony hinders your productivity and harms your reputation. But SanTrac Virtual Dial can fix these problems and save you money at the same time. Whether you need a simple internet phone system or a comprehensive business communication solution, Virtual Dial has plans and products to fit your unique business needs and budget.

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SanTrac Virtual Dial helps businesses across the nation achieve success more cost-effectively



Business platform with
proven reliability

  • Longevity – Providing service for 11+ years

  • Quality – Average 4.3 MOS score for VoIP

  • 95% – Customer Retention Rate

  • 99.999% – Average uptime (less than 5 minutes of downtime annually)




Simplified scaling and
management across the country

  • Our platform scales according to your business needs
  • Order service based on exactly the number of employees in your organization who require services.
  • Ordering additional service is easy and can be done online— no technician or special expertise required.
  • Manage service and features using our user-friendly portal.
  • Easily service large and small locations.

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SanTrac Virtual Dial Is:


Virtual Dial has solutions suitable for business of all sizes and industries

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From simple three-way calling to hi-def video conferencing and automatic digital fax conversions, Virtual Dial is packed with features

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With multiple plans to choose from, SanTrac Virtual Dial has the perfect solution to meet your unique needs while staying within your budget

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A crystal-clear, feature-rich, cost-cutting telephone system
is only three easy steps away



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Once we have found your ideal Virtual Dial solution, our team will help you deploy it fast and seamlessly

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