VoIP solutions for Restaurants & Retail

Work smarter and enhance relationships with clients, vendors, and business partners


Route clients to the right department

Professionally welcome your clients or provide important information with a customized greeting message, then quickly connect them with the relevant internal team without going through operators.


Collaborate from anywhere and make important decisions promptly and efficiently

Whether it’s brainstorming for your next seasonal marketing campaign, planning event catering, or handling supply issues with your vendors, our VoIP solutions have you covered. Your mobile workforce will be able to chat, call, hold virtual meetings, and deliver high-quality work from anywhere, on any internet-connected device.


Track call traffic and details to improve your business strategy

Our time-saving, automatic call accounting and recording features allow you to reach out to specific clients with tailored offerings, leverage the data with your next marketing campaign, or allocate human resources strategically during prime time.

Trusted by leading players in retail and restaurant industries

Tailored by the experts

We listen to your goals then build your telephony around your needs

Managed around the clock

Routine, unlimited software updates guarantee your VoIP always works like you want

Responsive support

We fix any problems fast so you can resume working in no time