Virtual Dial Boomea App

Unified business communications solutions for desktops and mobile devices

Enjoy seamless communication, streamlined operations,
and cost savings

Virtual Dial Boomea app delivers next-level communication experience to users in the office and on the go. The innovative capabilities include secure, unified messaging, granular device configuration, time-based routing, smart voicemail manager, user-friendly call center, call recording, and much more. The app lets you enjoy all the innovative features on a single easy-to-use platform. It works seamlessly on your MacOS, Windows, or Linux desktop, your iOS or Android mobile device, and your web browser.

What some of Virtual Dial Boomea’s efficiency-boosting,
user-friendly features look like



Easily search and browse the entire company’s directory, then send a message to a colleague or a team within a few mouse clicks.



With Virtual Dial Boomea app’s voice integration, you can manage Find Me/Follow Me, time-based routing, and other everyday features without lifting a finger.


Call History

Filter your call logs by date, call direction (inbound, outbound), or caller ID to quickly access the information you need.



Get things done faster with a real-time push notification when a new voicemail arrives. An intuitive voicemail dashboard and voicemail folder management also mean you can view, download, archive, or delete any file in a breeze.


Call Recording

Keep all your calls secure with smart encryption and easily play, share, lock, or delete any of them on your easy-to-use dashboard.