SanTrac Virtual Dial VoIP solutions

Feature-rich, cost-effective telephony for high-quality and hassle-free communications

Increase productivity with more efficient, cost-effective communication solutions that include:

Seamless Integration

Enjoy our cutting-edge features on the phone systems you know and love while saving money

Unlimited Local & Long-Distance Calls

Our flat monthly pricing lets you stay connected to remote staff and business partners without breaking your budget

Voicemail to Email

Find all your voicemails in your inbox and get your work done faster

Call Accounting & Recording

Archive important calls and their details and rest assured you can always replay them

Conference Calls

Collaborate more efficiently by scheduling and accessing virtual meetings from any internet-connected devices

Call Forwarding

Receive calls anywhere, on any internet-connected device and never worry about missing an important deal again


Greet clients with customized on-hold message or music, or route them to relevant extensions

Virtual Backup

Enjoy protected, unlimited, automatically backed up voicemail and data storage

Software Upgrades

Enjoy the latest features with our routine, lifetime updates at no extra charge


Easily expand or scale down your systems as your needs change

Expert Management

Professional deployment, management, and maintenance from Virtual Dial ensures you never have to lift a finger

PBX Connector

Our hosted VoIP system lets you make the most out of your current phone system while enjoying cost savings

Call Find Me/Follow Me

Receive incoming calls anywhere, on any telephony device

Music on Hold

Improve customer experience with high-quality music or customized messages

Unlimited Voicemail

Archive all your messages without maxing out your storage capacity

On-Demand Calling

Only pay for the minutes your organization needs to complete the task

Direct Inward Dialing

Enable your clients to reach an extension directly without going through an operator

International Calling

Stay connected with employees, clients and business partners around the globe at the price that doesn’t break the bank

Caller ID

Tailor your message for each caller and close more deals, or avoid unwanted calls

3 Way Calling

This scaled-down version of call conferencing lets you initiate meetings with two other participants

Call Blocking

Automatically reject unwanted calls from specific telephone numbers


Make, answer, and manage your VoIP calls from anywhere, on any internet-connected device

Business SMS

Send bulk messages about promotions, OTP verification, payment, and more to your clients for a low monthly fee


Enhanced flexibility

Our mobility-boosting features allow your staff to stay connected to and collaborate with remote colleagues, business partners, and clients around the world from any internet-connected devices, enabling prompt decision-making and responsive customer service.


Improved service quality

Deliver better work faster by streamlining your operations and freeing up your employees from mundane tasks with efficiency-enhancing features like voicemail to email, auto-attendant, and call accounting.


Increased bottom line

Our always-on, scalable VoIP solutions let you deliver consistently high-quality service, expand your offerings, and grow your clientele without the costly upfront and maintenance fees.