SanTrac Virtual Dial Unified Communications

State-of-the-art, cloud-based telephony systems for elevated business communication, efficiency, and agility

Successful businesses in the digital era rely on effective, streamlined communications. These next-gen features ensure you don’t lag behind.


Stay connected internally through secure, instant messaging

Contact Sync

Compile all your personal and work contact with a few mouse clicks

Click to Call

Insert a hyperlink on your website to convert traffic into phone calls

Call Recording

Record important calls and store them in your secure, unlimited storage

Control Console

Access all your call history, user data, and other information in one place

International Calls

Connect to clients, remote workers, or business partners across the globe at affordable rates

User Status

Track user presence without directly contacting the employee

Private Channels

Keep confidential information secure among specific individuals

Public Channels

Broadcast announcements or brainstorm on company-wide projects

Voicemail to Email

Automatically convert voicemails into emails to save time


Initiate calls from your workstations without switching to a headphone set

Tasks & Notes

Create your to-do list from each call quickly and easily

Video Calls

Enjoy hi-res images and crystal-clear voice from any internet-connected device

Virtual Meetings

Sync up efficiently with less time and travel costs by scheduling web meetings

Geo-Redundant Storage

Keep your call history, user information, and private data in secure, automatically backed up, virtual data centers

Team Collaboration

Improve staff productivity by enabling them to communicate through chat, audio, and video

Call Center Console

View all your call data, users, and other information in one place


Collaborate more efficiently

Virtual Dial’s suite of enterprise-level features unify your communications, keeping your entire workforce connected through secure, instant messaging, crystal-clear voice calls, hi-res video calls, and hassle-free web conferences, no matter where they are or which devices they use.


Operate at reduced costs

Our flat monthly fee covers a bundle of advanced cloud-based solutions as well as ongoing maintenance and support, allowing your teams to work smarter and helping you save on phone bills and hardware maintenance costs.


Succeed faster and more strategically

With increased agility, streamlined work process, and reduced costs, you can allocate more resources on revenue-generating areas and reach your goals more efficiently.